SODA Endorsed Individual and Group Health Insurance Plans

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Let’s face it: health insurance is confusing, and finding the right plan for you can be even more overwhelming. One of the perks of being a SODA member is having access to health insurance resources to help you feel confident about your coverage choice.

We have partnered with Players Health to help you find health insurance solutions that meet your needs based on where you are in life. These solutions include ACA exchange, short term medical, supplemental, accident, dental, and telemedicine. Visit our SODA portal powered by Players Health at the link below to easily compare a variety of plans online, or get support from a licensed insurance agent.

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Group Health Plans

SODA fully understands the importance of an intelligently designed and competitive Group Health plan to cater to the well being of your staff. We empathize with the challenges of searching for the right benefits package, and we strongly recommend considering Players Health, a provider with an outstanding track record. We invite you to fill out the web form below to get started with Players Health and give your employees the best-in-class benefits they deserve.

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