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Shade for Dugouts


Budget limitations are commonplace for many small communities. This was the case for the township of West Bloomfield, Michigan, as they began planning for improved dugouts for players and coaches.

Initial quotes for block and metal dugouts were proving to be too expensive, so they turned to Beacon Athletics to see if there were other options. What West Bloomfield was looking for were dugouts that would be strong, provide shade for teams, and be easy for park staff to add and remove shade coverings — all while still remaining low in cost. They needed a fresh look at things, an innovative solution.

Working closely with the West Bloomfield Parks team, we designed a solution for both the top and sides of their existing chain-link dugouts. To do so, we needed to utilize customized windscreen materials to provide a highly-effective shade result but at a fraction of the cost of the block and metal dugouts. The Beacon team of engineers and designers provided a plan that added custom lines sewn to the screen for added strength, along with extra hemmed and grommeted lines sewn to the bottom of the structure. This corresponded with the support structure for the screen.

Innovative smaller cutouts in the corners of the shade screens made them very easy to install. To attach the windscreen shade coverings, cable ties were used so that the parks staff could easily remove them at the end of the season for safe, indoor storage. During the final steps of installation, Beacon reps arrived on site to assist and verify the custom windscreen shade structures were installed correctly and fit accurately to the design.

Weeks after the screens were in place, Chris Frey, the parks supervisor for West Bloomfield, reported back, “The shade screens look great and are holding up great as well.” The customized Beacon solution was a confirmed success for West Bloomfield — the perfect fit at the right price.


Source: Beacon Athletics

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