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We âre with you every step.

Renovating and constructing the perfect field involves many steps where expertise and perfection is required. That’s why we promise to devote full attention and guidance to you through every step of the process. Beacon will be by your side through 1)Planning, 2) Design, 3) Specification, 4) Installation, and 5) Ongoing Support.


We often get a call well before any official lines are drawn or any shovels hit the dirt. Our first step is to fully understand our customer’s goals, as well as their budget parameters. We can advise you on the scope of the project, how to ensure contributors will mesh smoothly, or even determine the best orientation for your field. In these initial stages, we’ll explore the range of possibilities, make product recommendations, provide basic layout drawings as well as other support for preliminary budgeting and fundraising.

Whether the project architect requests standard or custom components, we always consider cost, performance, safety, and maintainability when making recommendations. And, we’re attentive to aesthetics. A beautiful, well-designed facility attracts users and spectators that will ultimately justify your commitment and investment.

Having assisted architects from all over the country, we’ve found our sports field expertise to be a critical ingredient in planning for any project’s success.


We know ballfields, and we know what works. We can fit solutions to an existing facility for an upgrade project, or design a new facility from scratch. Your long-term satisfaction relies on getting the design right from the start. We can support the early design stages with advice, CAD drawings, material samples, specifications, and engineering support – including accurate wind load calculations.

Our shop drawings provide a detailed roadmap so installers will know just what to do.

Beacon’s ability to perfectly integratethe backstop netting with our new concrete block wall was critical. The smooth coordination of the entire project was exactly what we needed.


Sunset Park, Kimberly WI


In our experience, it is very important to offer many different options for materials. We want you to be able to narrow down the options and design the project to fit your needs best. Pre-engineered hardware components ease installation and are designed to last. Engineered with mother nature in mind, our products withstand excessive winds of up to 90 mph and stand up to harsh, snowy northern climates. We can offer a range of materials that brings you the best combination of price and quality that is unmatched by any other company.

Our In-Line Netting Systems are a huge upgrade for spectators compared with looking through an old chain link fence. In-line netting is available in permanent or lift & tension systems to ensure your net won’t sag, allowing it to hang more evenly. Taking it up a notch, our Tie-Back Netting Systems move the support poles down the line and behind spectators, creating an ideal view without obstructions. The offset poles offer the absolute best spectator experience.

We can also create custom batting cages and dugouts designed exactly to the specifications you need. It is extremely important to us that the materials we provide are the right fit for job, and that’s why we create materials specific to your field or facility and help you all the way through installation. We go the extra mile by adding innovative, customized solutions to make your project a success.

And, communication is vital. We’ll keep everyone on the same page: architects, contractors, facility managers, and groundskeepers. A key part of keeping your project on budget and on time is a clear materials list with detailed installation requirements. We’ll support you through the entire process from materials delivery to prompt responses to any questions that arise. We work closely with engineers to provide project stamping in all 50 states.


When a project enters the bid process, contractors need to determine the project scope, identify materials and fabricated components to be purchased, and evaluate the labor and equipment needs for completing each stage of the project.

We can respond to bid requests quickly. In many cases we are already tracking a project through the planning stage and have created the bid package before contractors even give us a call. Our bid packages include drawings, instructions, samples, and cost estimates – everything a contractor needs to understand and communicate what will be done.

Our support of contractors during the bid process is only the beginning…

Beacon brought their extensive knowledge of protective netting to our project. With their help, all three stages of net expansions were seamlessly executed, just as we had envisioned.

JEFF FEIST – Architect, Ritterbush-Ellig-Hulsing P.C.


Support during the bid process smoothly transitions to support during the construction phase. We’re always ready to render submittals, signed & sealed engineering calculations (certified in all 50 states), and any other documentation that may be required before final approval is given.

We’re happy to offer Beacon Construction through our nationwide network of vetted fencing contractors. This can make Beacon your single source installation solution.

Once construction has begun, you may encounter unforeseen issues that need to be resolved. We are often asked to respond to change orders and help with problem-solving. Our project manager is available to support your contractor, including additional installation instruction, material sourcing, and order shipment scheduling & tracking.

Our service obligation to you is not met until the project is complete, the contractor is satisfied, and all project documentation is accepted.


Your project may be complete, but the work is not done.In many respects, the work is only getting started. We make sure to follow up with you to support your ongoing efforts to keep your facility up-to-date and performing as designed. Our catalog and online store feature all the products and materials you’ll need to maintain your new ballfield.

We will make certain field managers and groundskeepers are aware of what products and materials were supplied by Beacon so they’ll know where to get answers about how best to take care of their new facility. Beacon’s Groundskeeper University is available as the only online field maintenance training resource.

Most importantly for peace of mind, we stand behind our installations with a full 1-year guarantee.


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“Proudly Serving The USA/Canada

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