The Field Opening Checklist

Feb 22, 2023 · Beacon Athletics

There are dozens of critical tasks for a groundskeeper to complete to open a field. We’ve boiled down the list to the most important things you should remember to do so you can efficiently reopen your ballfield.


▢ Charge and reinstall all batteries for motorized equipment

▢ Inspect, repair or replace netting and padding on all screens

▢ Inspect last year’s bases and dispose of or replace any heavily worn bases

▢ Clean up any remaining fall/winter debris from along ballfield fence lines

▢ Replace any badly faded, worn or torn outfield advertisement banners

▢ Install backstop padding, dugout bat racks and helmet racks

▢ Hoist backstop nets, batting cage nets and soft-toss nets

▢ Turn on water to facility – Test irrigation system

▢ Renovate all mounds (tables, front slopes and new topdressing application

▢ Renovate all home plate areas (releveling batter’s and catcher’s boxes with clay and leveling home plate circle) and redress with new topdressing

▢ Relevel 1st and 3rd baselines and topdress

▢ Relevel infields and topdress as needed

▢ Relevel warning track and walkups (if track material is available)

▢ Apply crabgrass preventer

▢ Make sure mower is set to only cut one-third length of grass blades

▢ Check any field lighting and scoreboard operation and replace bulbs

▢ Hoist Flags

▢ Distribute picnic tables, garbage and recycling receptacles

▢ Update missing or faded signage, add new signs as needed


Source: Beacon Athletics

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